Attendance Policy Regarding Graduation

Students with 12 or more unexcused absences will not be allowed to participate in graduation exercises. (See p. 12 of the student handbook.)

Student Release Policy

7 years ago

Student Release Policy


It is the policy of the Houston School District to educate all students who legally reside within the boundaries of the District. The District will not release students who are residents of the District to attend another public school district. For the students who have been released in the past, the District will grandfather those students who are are in grades 6 through 12 and who have been released for at least two consecutive years. All other students who have been released in the past will no longer be released. Once all grandfathered students have completed their education in the Houston School District, no further transfers will be allowed.


Out-of-District Students Policy


The Board adheres to provisions as set forth in state law 37-15-31 concerning non-resident students. Site administrators, in consultation with the superintendent, may refuse or delay the enrollment of out-of-district students.


Admission of out-of-district students will include an analysis of grade, behavior, and absenteeism.  The student must have and maintain a “C” and be making satisfactory progress toward promotion or graduation, in order to transfer into our district. The school principal and/or a deignee will review the merits of a student’s application prior to acceptance in our district as an out-of-district student. If admitted, grades, behavior, and attendance will be monitored. If a student becomes involved in a serious discipline issue or becomes a chronic discipline problem, they will the loose the privilege of attending Houston School District. Also, if a student has excessive absences, if their grade falls below a “C” average, or they are not making satisfactory progress toward promotion or graduation, they will loose their privilege of attending Houston School District. Out-of-district students who have been retained more than once in previous grades will not be accepted into Houston School District.


All decisions as to whether to accept out-of-district students will also be based on student-teacher ratios. This will be closely monitored, expecially at the elementary level.

Bullying Procedures for Processing a Complaint

6 years ago

By Shane Presley

Procedures for Processing a Complaint  

Any student, school employee or volunteer who feels he/she has been a victim of bullying or harassing behavior, or has witnessed or who has reliable information that a student, school employee or volunteer has been subject to bullying or harassing behavior shall report such conduct to a teacher, principal, counselor or other school official.  The report shall be made promptly but no later than five (5) calendar days after the alleged act or acts occurred.  The school official shall complete a “Bullying/Harassing Behavior” complaint form which shall include the name of the reporting person, the specific nature and date of the misconduct, the names of the victim of the misconduct, the names of any witnesses and any other information that would assist in the investigation of the complaint.  The report shall be given promptly to the principal or superintendent who shall institute an immediate investigation.  Complaints against the principal shall be made to the superintendent and complaints against the superintendent shall be made to the Board chairman.    

The complaint shall be investigated promptly.  Parents will be notified of the nature of any complaint involving their student.  The District official will arrange such meetings as may be necessary with all concerned parties within five (5) working days after initial receipt of the complaint by the District.  The parties will have an opportunity to submit evidence and a list of witnesses.  All findings related to the complaint will be reduced to writing.  The District official conducting the investigation shall notify the victim and parents as appropriate when the investigation is completed and a decision regarding disciplinary action, as warranted, is determined.   

 If the victim is not satisfied with the decision of the District official, he/she may submit a written appeal to the superintendent.  Such appeal shall be filed within ten (10) working days after receipt of the results of the initial decision.  The superintendent will arrange such meetings with the victim and other affected parties as deemed necessary to discuss the appeal.  The superintendent shall provide a written decision to the victim’s appeal within ten (10) working days.   If the victim is not satisfied with the decision of the superintendent, a written appeal may be filed with the Board.  Such appeal shall be filed within ten (10) working days after receipt of the decision of the superintendent.  The Board shall, within twenty (20) working days, allow the victim and parents as appropriate to appear before the Board to present reasons for dissatisfaction with the decision of the superintendent.  The Board shall provide a written decision within ten (10) working days following the victim’s appearance before the Board.

Houston CTE: Programs and Organizations

2 years ago

Business and Marketing Fundamentals

DECA Organization
Instructor: Ramona Williams

For students to experience success in the program, the following student prerequisites are suggested:

  1. C or higher in English (the previous year)
  2. C or higher in high school-level math (last course taken or the instructor can specify the level of math instruction needed)


Skills USA Organization 

Instructor: Zachary Mixon

For students to experience success in the program, the following student prerequisites are suggested:

  1. C or higher in English (the previous year)
  2. C or higher in high school-level math (last course taken or the instructor can specify the level of math instruction needed)

Culinary Arts

FCCLA Organization
Instructor: Joan Parks

For students to experience success in the program, the following student prerequisites are suggested:

  1. C or higher in English (the previous year)
  2. C or higher in high school-level math (last course taken or the instructor can specify the level of math instruction needed)

Diversified Agriculture

FFA Organization
Instructor: Karen Cook

In order for students to experience success in the program, the following student prerequisites are suggested:

  1. C or higher in English (the previous year)
  2. C or higher in math (last course taken or the instructor can specify the math)

Educator Preparation

Educator Rising Organization
Instructor: Sharon Vance

In order for students to experience success in the program, the following student prerequisites are suggested:

  1. C or higher in English (the previous year)
  2. C or higher in mathematics (last course taken or the instructor can specify)
  3. No more than two discipline referrals (the previous year)
  4. 90% attendance rate (the previous year)


Skills USA Organization
Instructor: Chris Kendall

In order for students to experience success in the Engineering program, the following prerequisites are suggested:

Grade of C or Higher in Pre-Algebra or Algebra I

Exploring Computer Science (New Program)

Skills USA Organization

For students to experience success in the program, the following student prerequisites are suggested:

  1. C or higher in English (the previous year)
  2. C or higher in high school-level math (last course taken or the instructor can specify the level of math instruction needed)

Health Science

HOSA Organization
Instructor: Amy Clouse

For students to experience success in the program, the following student prerequisites are suggested:

  1. C or higher in English (the previous year)
  2. C or higher in high school-level math (last course taken or the instructor can specify the level of math instruction needed)

The Chickasaw County School District does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed, color, disability, handicap, or National Origin - an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Title IX Coordinator and the 504 Coordinator is Mrs. Kim Lancaster (, 662.456.3332).

Houston CTE News

2 years ago

Houston CTE 

Starting the new year off in style.

Culinary Students create their breakfast waffle bar for their breakfast unit.

Exploring Computer Science students learning about their new program while participating in a classroom Jeopardy Game.

New Exploring Computer Science instructor Colbie Walls teaching the Ag Business Class about E-Commerce.

Electrical Students working to get the lights re-wired for the Woodland Christmas Light Show.

Houston Solar Car

The members of the Houston Solar Race Team have been working to get ready for the race for the summer of 2023.  Keep a lookout throughout the year for the new updates that will be made to the car.  Technology is growing in the solar power industry, and we are going to be able to incorporate this into the Solar Car.

Houston FFA = 3 State Officers

The Houston Junior FFA Officers campaigned and were elected by the students in the Mississippi State FFA into office for the Mississippi Junior FFA Organization.  These students will serve this year throughout the state as officers. Congratulations to the Houston JR FFA and their instructors who helped them to achieve this placement.

Houston CTE Welcomes visitors

The Houston CTE had a great group of visitors today from Mrs. April Moore's 4th grade class. Her students were studying solar energy and toured the Houston CTE Solar Car program. Mr. Zack Mixon, who is over the program, talked with students about how the solar car was built and what it takes to keep it moving. Students built their own model solar car with the help of Teacher Academy students. It was a great day for all involved. If you'd like to see more of the Solar Car please join us at the Blue Suede Cruise this weekend where it will be on display.

Hosa Sponsors community Blood Drive

HOSA sponsored a blood drive today at the CTE and exceeded their goal! 26 units were donated! We appreciate everyone who helped with this event in any way, and we especially appreciate all the heroes, the donors! We had several brave first time donors. I’m so proud of them all! Everyone with Vitalant was wonderful and those in the bus were working very hard! We plan to do this again in the future❤️

Farm Safety Day 2022

Houston CTE showed up and showed out today at the Chickasaw County Farm Safety Day. All area 5th grades came to learn about electrical, chemical, gun, snake, fire, ATV, and medical safety. Thanks to Angie Abrams and Linda Smith for making the event happen. Also thanks to the CTE students and instructors and 4H members who helped at the stations. What a great learning experience for our kids!

The Real World

Houston CTE students were able to get a taste of "The Real World."  They were given a scenario of an income, a marriage situation, and number of kids. They had to budget taxes, grocery, entertainment, childcare, etc.  A special thanks to Angie Abrams at the Chickasaw County Extension office for helping make this happen.  It is quite the eye-opening experience for our students.

Houston CTE Hosts EMR Night Class

Houston CTE was proud to host a EMR class for the fire departments of Chickasaw County. Congratulations to the Chickasaw County EMR Class of 2022

Health science in stiches

Health Science II students had a very special guest. Family Nurse Practitioner Bethany Free was our guest speaker. She encouraged students to never give up and follow their dreams. She also led them in a suturing lab where they learned how to suture “lacerations” on a silicone pad made like skin. It was truly the highlight of our week! Thank you Bethany Free for investing into these students lives with your heart, time and those donuts!


Our members had an awesome time at the MS FFA Jr Retreat this past weekend. Kaylee and Jayden were selected as members of the retreat and our chapter was selected as Chapter of the Retreat.

Houston CTE Hosts 2nd Graders

Houlka and Houston 2nd graders had the opportunity to learn about careers. We are collaborating to teach career education from early elementary to high school. Thanks to all involved, it was a great success!

Health Science Clinicals

First day of clinicals for Mrs. Amy Clouse Health Science class. The Health Science program prepares students to have a career in the medical field. These clinicals let the students experience what it's like to work in a hospital setting.

Teacher Academy

Teacher academy I & II students at fall leadership conference, Delta State with instructor Sharon L Vance. They bragged on how well our students acted while they were there. Great job TA students!

Students of the 9 weeks

On October 21st we celebrated our students of the 1st 9 weeks with a trip to Saxons Drive In. Students had a great lunch and played games during their reward luncheon. Students from left to right: (front)Julie Beth Murphree, Victoria Price, Alyssa Haire, Anna Claire Smith, Cameron Razor, (back row) Rhianna Criddle, Raven Hall, and Gavin Burt.

Superintendent Visits Teacher Academy

 Superintendent John Ellison took time out of his busy day to come talk to our Teacher Academy students. He encouraged the students to continue to pursue a career as a teacher and offered to help them in any way he could.

Construction/electrical Visits ICC

Houston CTE students toured the Belden Campus of ICC

Farm Safety - Farm Bureau

 Mr. John Hubbard with Farm Bureau to talk to our students about shop safety. Yes, the photo is gruesome, but students need to see why we stress safety first!

Organ Donation

Susan Bonds came from North Mississippi Medical Center to talk to Health Science students about the importance of being an organ donor. This helps students who are studying human anatomy to see how the organ donation process works.

Instructor Training

Ben Alexander from RCU came to provide test item training for CTE instructors during the October Professional Development days.  The instructors learned how to better prepare for state tests.

North Mississippi Air Vac Visits Houston CTE

Representatives from the North Mississippi Air Vac came to talk to Health Science Students about a high energy career field in Health Science.  They gave in classroom demonstrations on caring for critically ill patients and a tour of the medical flight helicopter.

Houston CTE hosts college Day

Houston CTE welcomed several colleges to give guidance to students from Houston, Houlka, and Okolona

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Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

The Houston cte awards

Students were awarded for their outstanding achievement in their CTE Classes

Health Science award winners

Teacher Academy award winners

Culinary award winners

Engineering award winner

HMS AEST students who received awards

Business award winner

Planning for the future

Mrs. Valerie Chandlers 7th grade class has began the process of picking a future career.  Students were able to tour Houston CTE and see the programs available to them in high school that could lead to a career. Students were encouraged to participate in activities and ask questions about careers.

Career Bound

Houston CTE Business and Marking students began getting ready for a career by researching careers, creating a resume, and participating in a professional interview. These students are in Mrs. Dixie Edwards class.

Congratulations to Houston CTE Students of the 2nd 9 weeks

We are proud to honor students each 9 weeks for their hard work and dedication.  The following students received recognition for their behavior and attitude during the 2nd 9 weeks.

AEST: Hayden Mann

Business: Amy Murillo

Construction:  Gage Black

Culinary: Bailey McAlpin

Engineering: Maddox Clouse

Health Science: Saraya Crawford

Teacher Academy: Bri Davidson

Dixie Edwards CTE Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Mrs. Dixie Edwards!  She is the 2020-2021 Houston CTE Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Edwards has 21 years experience in education. We appreciate all her hard work and dedication!

Electrical Students serving the community

Students from the Electrical program are re-wiring the lights from the Houston Court House.  Students are learning valuable skills while helping the community.  The new LED lights will also be more energy efficient. Mr. Alford and his students are honored to help.

PACE Recognition

The Houston CTE would like to give a heartfelt thank you to the PACE Board. With Covid-19 struggles this year it was nice to be recognized for the effort we have put into this year. Again, thank you PACE for your support!



Houston CTE now a WorkKeys Test Site

The WorkKeys assessment system, developed by ACT, is the leading job skills assessment system in the nation. These assessments measure real world foundational skills critical to job success, regardless of occupation. WorkKeys assessments can provide reliable, relevant information about an individual’s workplace skill levels.

Local industries use WorkKeys Scores to determine pay rate.  Students who attain a Silver, Gold, or Platinum score are more employable and will make a higher wage. 

MSU Speaker

Tonya Campbell of Mississippi State University came to talk to students about admission to Mississippi State and about the various degree opportunities at Mississippi State. Students were encouraged to ask questions about their interest and Ms. Campbell shared information about those programs with the group.



Houston CTE, students actively learning

Students get to learn hands-on in an interactive setting how to problem solve and become leaders.

Mrs. Park's Culinary students learn to follow recipe directions and use measurement to cook in the kitchen. 

Mrs. Vance's Teacher Academy students learn skills through art to teach elementary students how to follow directions.

Students in Mrs. Tara's class learn medical terminology by using and interactive game of twister.

Mr. Alford's class learns real world skills by adding new lighting to the front of the CTE building.

CTE Students of the 9 Weeks

Each 9 weeks the Houston CTE awards one student from each program the honor of student of the 9 weeks.  The students are chosen on attitude, work ethic, and integrity.  Congratulations to the following students:

Culinary Science - Jose Ramirez

Agriculture, Environmental Science, & Technology - Justin Flatt

Construction Core and Electrical - Jacob Townsend

Engineering - Tyler Hatfield

Business, Marketing, and Finance - Janasia Parker

Teacher Academy - Seninah Conway

Health Science—Angel Renfro 

FAFSA Day for Seniors/Parents

 Houston CTE hosted the FAFSA 2020 days on October 5th and 6th.  Students were able to come in a receive assistance in completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This application results in the PELL Grant, money for college that does not have to be repaid.  If you missed this event, please contact Ms. Gates, Mrs. Ivy, or Mrs. Moore to set up an appointment.  Don't miss out on this opportunity for your senior, make an appointment today. Call: 662-456-3748

Court Reporters in High Demand

Melissa Grimes and Leigh Pettit came to talk to Business and Marketing students about the shortage of Court Reporters and the need for young people to enter the field.  Students learned that the career offers many benefits and high salary opportunities.



Houston CTE, preparing students for industry

Students are working hard to learn during the Covid19 restrictions....

Health Science

Students are learning medical terminology through interactive activities.


Students are learning hands on how to safely wire an industrial kitchen.


Students are learning to create and manipulate 3D objects in SolidWorks.


Students are in the lab learning skills for the food service industry.


Students are making presentations on how to create a working business model.

Teacher Academy 

Students are learning about learning styles and ethics in education.

Fire Safety

Jonathan Blakenship from the Houston Fire Department came to Houston CTE to discuss fire safety.  Students were reminded of their fire safety skills and encouraged to keep a fire extinguisher at home.  They also were encouraged to practice their escape plan, especially in the dark. He said that he often goes into dark houses where people have lost their bearings. Thanks to Mr. Blakenship for taking the time to come give guidance to our students!

Houston CTE presents, "the Real World"

A Real World (or “Financial Reality Fair”) is an interactive financial literacy tool for high school students.  It’s a hands-on experience in which students identify their career choice and starting salaries then complete a budget sheet requiring them to live within their monthly salary while paying for basics such as housing, utilities, transportation, clothing, and food. Additional expenditures such as entertainment and travel are factored in as well. Students were very involved in The Real World.   Madison Berry commented, "I'm going home to give my mom and hug for keeping up with all this, I'm not ready for the real world."  And many students were upset when they discovered that taxes weren't an option.  All we can say is, Welcome to the Real World!

Student learn life skills. Several students were upset when they discovered that taxes are mandatory (lol).

Students learn that bills come with having a home and family and that a budget is a necessity. 

Teacher Academy/Educator's Rising

Students Shine at State Competition in Hattiesburg, MS

Congratulations to the following Teacher Academy students for placing in Educators Rising state competition at William Carey University. 
  • Sydney Freeman- 2nd place in Impromptu Speaking
  • Kitra Walker- 5th place in Impromptu Lesson
  • Addy Ball- 1st place in Exploration of a Non-Academic Teacher
  • Jaquashia Pratt- 1st place in Impromptu Speaking
These students will advance to Nationals in Washington, DC this summer! Very proud to have them represent Houston"s Career & Technical Education Center!

Health Science Students Sponsor Heart Health

Health Science Students were on hand Friday, February 14th, at the Houston High School Cafeteria during lunch shifts to provide heart health screenings.  Health Science students saw over 90 students during the lunch shifts. Their purpose was to promote heart health and healthy habits.



Construction students tour industrial technology at msu

Students in the Construction/Electrical class had the opportunity to tour the Industrial Technology Program at Mississippi State University.  Mickey Giordano, instructor at MSU, gave students a tour of the program and discussed the job outlook for students who take Industrial Technology.  Students were given a campus tour as well.

DECA Students compete at District

We are proud to announce the following students placed in their category at the DECA District competition. They will now move forward to compete at the state level in February in Vicksburg.

Alyssa White - 5th place, Kendreus Davidson - 2nd place, Andrew Netterville - 2nd place, Trinity Buggs- 1st place, PJ Cooper- 1st place, Oliver Franklin-2nd place, Brian McAlpin - 6th place, Nathan Shoemaker- 1st place, Sarah Brassfield - 1st place, Katie Hill 1st place, Malana Shettles - 4th place, Keonte McIntosh - 3rd place, Aniston Criddle - 2nd place, Lidzee Jo Mixon - 2nd place, Kaliyah Prophette - 1st place, Yasmin Ruth - 6th place, Jessica Torres - 2nd place, Juiliana Gonzalez - 4th place, Janeia White - 3rd place, Ramaiya Armstrong - 4th place, Amy Murillo - 3rd place, Harley Grimes - 2nd place, Jonathan Fowler - 4th place, William Vance - 4th place, Zalexus Actkinson - 2nd place, Kaitlynn Murphree - 2nd place, Selena Longino - 4th place, Makinzi Moore - 4th place

Houston CTE Students of 2nd 9 Weeks

Jermany Pannell - Agriculture,  Johnathan Fowler- Business, Hoyt Smith - Construction, Rae McGregory- Culinary, Gibson Caulder -Engineering,   Michael Ann Chandler- Health Science,  Alyssa Haire- Teacher Academy

Jermany Pannel has top score for the State of Mississippi

Congratulations to Jermany Pannel in scoring the highest in the state on her State Concepts CPAS Test.  Pictured here with her instructor Mrs. Karen Cook.  

The AEST Concepts placed highest in the state!

If you see/teach one of these kids they deserve a congratulations!  They made the highest scores in the state on their State CPAS test for Concepts of AG Science.  Mrs. Cook is their instructor, and she and the students worked hard this semester for this achievement.

AEST AG Business II Class also placed highest in the state!

These students scored, as a group, the highest on their state CPAS test.  We're so proud of them!  Congratulations guys!

Incentive Day!

Students who scored well on their 3rd common assessment were treated to a day of fun and games which included refreshments. The students worked hard to earn this day of fun, which we had just before we were out for Thanksgiving Break.  

Health Science Students Hard at Work

Mrs. Tara's Health Science Students are learning about keeping a sterile area by "operating" on a pumpkin wearing their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). They have also began shadowing at Trace Regional Hospital and are touring NMMC in the next few weeks.



Students of the 1st 9 Weeks

Houston CTE celebrates the achievement of our students.  Each 9 weeks we will select students who are high achievers both in academics and in attitude. Congratulations to these students for this honor.  They will be having lunch today with  Dr. Tony Horton.

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Happy Bosses Day!

Dr. Tony Horton is a great leader, and we are proud to have him as our boss.  Wish him happy Bosses Day if you see him around today!

Culinary Class Visits Seafood Market

The Houston CTE Culinary Arts II Class visited the Ocean Fresh Fish Seafood Market in Tupelo, MS to learn about how to safely handle and prepare fresh seafood. Chef Neville and Feather Burns of Woody's Restaurant help make this possible.  The students learned how to fillet a whole Red Fish and Speckled Trout. Instructor Joan Parks and her students enjoyed the gumbo that was prepared for them to sample. 

2019 College Day

Students were able to visit with local colleges and universities to discuss majors, financial aide, housing, meal plans, and much more during the 2019 College Day at Houston CTE.  The Houston and Houlka Seniors and the Houston Juniors were in attendance.





Safety Training

Jonathan Blankenship spoke to students about fire safety in the home and in the workplace.  He discussed the different types of fires and the different types of fire extinguishers. Houston CTE is grateful for community members willing to help teach our students the importance of safety.

Houston CTE Health Science Career Fair

Houston CTE offered parents and students the opportunity to meet with local people who are in the health care industry and with local college and university representatives who offer health care programs.  Houston CTE is offering a health care tract to help students gain admission into these highly competitive programs. If you were unable to attend, please contact Houston CTE and we will provide you with information offered at the fair. 

Damien Townsend talking to representatives from the Eye Clinic of Houston about careers in Health Science.

Representative from the Health Sciences Department at ICC talking with parents and students about opportunities in Health Science and scholarships offered at ICC.

High CPAS Scores

This year Houston CTE had students who worked hard and made high scores on the Mississippi CPAS test.  The students represented the school well in making some of the highest scores around.  Thanks to the students who make it happen, and the instructors, without whom this would not be possible.

Dr. Tony Horton

We recently honored our CTE Director, Dr. Tony Horton, with a reception for earning his Doctorate of Education from Mississippi State University.  Dr. Horton was greeted by faculty and staff of Houston School District, along with many people from the community.  Congratulations Dr. Horton for this great honor!

The Real World at Houston CTE

Students participated in "The Real Word" at Houston CTE.  Students were given a career and a salary, with a family situation, and they were expected to pay their "bills" for a month.  The "bills" included taxes, transportation, childcare, housing, entertainment, communication, and many others.  Blake Long, student, said "I've learned that I had better be careful with my money if I want to be able to pay my bills."

DECA Students Attend Conference

Business and Marketing students attended the State DECA conference in Jackson Mississippi on February 14-15, 2019. Students participated in Business and Marketing events along with Hospitality and Tourism events.

Houston CTE with HHS present a Career Cafe

During lunch students were given the opportunity to meet with local business and industry to talk about careers.

Franklin Corporation shared career expectations with students. Students were surprised at the technology involved in the furniture industry.

The Houston Fire Department answered questions about careers during the Career Cafe.

Electrical Skills/Employment Skills

The Construction/Electrician Class has been busy applying the skills they have been learning.  Students designed, measure, cut, wired, and displayed their work in class by making this class sign. They used electrical skills along with measuring, math, mechanization(sigh blinks), and construction. 

FFA Students EXCEL

The following students placed in FFA Federation Contests last Friday: 


Jessica Torres - 1st place Creed Speaking


Markerra Williams - 1st place Jr. Prepared Public Speaking

Santanna Hughes, Sarah Brassfield, Amber Ruth, Zalexus Actkinson, Kaliyah Prophette, Bre Coleman - 2nd place Parliamentary Procedure Team

Sammy King, Magers Carr, Mackenzie Criddle - 2nd place Welding Team

DECA Competitors Win Big

The Houston CTE DECA Chapter (Business and Marketing Class) competed at the district competition at ICC Belden Campus, with many students placing in their areas.

1st place in Travel and Tourism: Kaitlyn Murphree and Zalexus Actkinson

3rd Place in Entrepreneurship: Paige Kilgore

3rd Place in Business Law and Ethics: Nathan Shoemaker and Dean Blansett

3rd Place in Quick Serve Restaurant Management: Janeia White

3rd Place in Hospitality Services: Aniston Criddle and Lindzee Jo Mixon

5th Place in Hotel and Lodging Management: Haylee Walters

5th Place in Apparel and Accessories Marketing: Alyssa White

5th Place in Retail Merchandising: Juilianna Gonzales

5th Place in Sports and Entertainment Marketing: Julius Bell and Gage Harrington

Culinary Students Hard at Work

Culinary students enjoyed the season with designing and building Gingerbread houses.

Culinary Students use math skills to design Gingerbread Houses. Student learned how to measure angles and use some of their Algebra skills. They used graph paper because they learned it made building the design easier.

When their design is finished they created the Gingerbread Houses. This used the skills they have learned so far in Culinary Class. They were able to bake the "walls" and melted candy to make stained glass windows.

Students displayed their creations at Floyd Dyer Nursing home and sang carols. From start to finish the students were learning skills that they would use in the Culinary Industry.

Environmental Science Class hosts Speaker

Mrs. Debby Carnathan of the Chickasaw County NRCS spoke to the Environmental Science l class of the AEST Program about you the importance of protecting our soil and how soil texture affects land usage.

FAFSA Completion Day at HCTE

Mrs. Ivy and Mrs. Moore hosted a FAFSA Completion Day for seniors with representatives from ICC Financial Aide Marty Cooper and Terry Bland on hand to help parents and students with any questions they had. The event lasted from 8 am to 5 pm.  If you were unable to attend, please feel free to contact Mrs. Ivy or Mrs. Moore at Houston CTE to schedule an appointment.  The FAFSA is completed on-line and is the way students can receive the federal pell grant. A grant is money that will not require repayment. Most who attended received the full pell grant, which is over $6,000.00 per year.

Veterinary Student Visits Animal Science Classes

Alex Moore, third year student at MSU College of Veterinary Medicine, came to speak to Mrs. Cook's class about what it takes to get into vet school and what to expect when you are a vet student. She talked about the different fields of vet science, what is required of each, and how to specialize in vet medicine. Moore also encouraged students to form good study habits in high school so that they can be successful in college. She also talked about the struggles of time management, and the dedication it takes to become a veterinarian.  

Houston CTE Hosts College Fair

Houston CTE hosted it's yearly College Fair on September 11, 2018. Fifteen colleges from all across the state and one from Alabama along with representatives from military merged together at CTE to offer students and opportunity to ask questions about options for when they graduate from Houston and Houlka High Schools. Students were able to visit with representatives and ask questions about things such as financial aide, housing, scholarships, etc.  Mrs. Ivy stated, "We like to give students this opportunity to give them a better understanding of what they will face post-high school."

Health Science Students help screen sight and hearing at HLES

Mrs. Earnest's class performed hearing and sight tests at HLES.  Health Science students were first trained in how to perform the tasks, and then were responsible for screening students. The true "hands-on" learning will benefit these students as they pursue a career in the health care industry.

CTE Classes visit Vance Farms

Several classes from CTE recently took a field trip to Vance Farms in Thorn, MS. Students saw first hand the means of running a business. Harvesting both sweet potatoes and beans for the local market, as well as far north as Canada, Vance Farms must follow the procedures, rules, and regulations of OSHA Certification, GAP, and FDA to name a few. Students also received information on the nutritional values of a sweet potato, and especially its significance in the push for a healthier society. Last, but not least, farm and workplace safety was discussed. All in all, the day was a success and allowed students to participate in hands-on learning experiences that will impact learning for a lifetime!

Solar Car Receives Donation

Representatives from Natchez Trace Electric Power Association came by and presented a donation from TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) to Mr. Jay Alford that will be used to help fund the trip to compete in the Dell Winston Solar Car Challenge this summer.

Houston CTE Honored at ICC

Houston CTE students were honored at ICC for their high scores on the CPAS state test. These students received recognition as well as opportunities for scholarships. Congratulations students and instructors for a job well done!

 Teachers encourage the students to be CPAS Superheros.

Students join in on the fun.  Reviewing for CPAS, and ready to change the world.

Teachers are getting into the spirit of testing.

Houston CTE Instructors and Staff are trying to inspire students to succeed on the CPAS by having a CPAS spirit week. The idea is to give the kids a smile during crunch time right before the tests, and help them remember to do their best.

A Taste of "The Real World"


“The Real World” came to HCTE on February 13, 2018.  Angie Abrams and Erika Cooksey from Mississippi State University Extension Service came Thursday to introduce students to “real world” money issues.  During the event students learned to budget money on expenses such as  Housing, Transportation, Entertainment, Child Care, and even unexpected expenses. It was amazing how students learned the expense of taxes, and how they wanted to bypass the tax station.

FFA Students Visit the Capitol

Senator Russell Jolly and Representative Preston Sullivan visited with Future Farmers of America from Houston, at the Capitol on Wednesday, February 21, 2018, following their legislative breakfast.

Houlka Students Tour HCTE

Students from Houlka were on campus Tuesday to learn what Houston CTE has to offer. They toured our programs to determine if they would like to attend HCTE next fall. Shown here is Demetria Shephard telling the students about our Engineering and Robotics Program. They also toured Construction (Electricity), Health Science, and Business.

HOSA Students Compete in Orlando, FL

HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) students from Houston CTE placed 1st at State HOSA Competition. They went to Orlando, FL this summer to compete in the International HOSA Competition. Their skit included a mosquito, a patient, her friend, a nurse, and a doctor who prompted the discussion for the CDC hazard Zika Virus.  The students wrote and performed this at the state and national level.  Students from left to right: Stacy Gillispe, Lexie Hooks ,Wendy Hillhouse, Caroline Blakenship, and Sharia Moore. These students will receive scholarships as a result of their success.

Students had the opportunity to talk to representatives from several local Colleges and Universities on September 8, at Houston CTE. This annual event is for both Juniors and Seniors, and is a great opportunity for students to ask questions about financial aid, housing, and scholarships.


College Day at Houston CTE

Students from both Houston and Houlka attended the event on Friday.   We are committed to connecting greater numbers of students to college success and the opportunity it provides. The College Day connects the              

students with the people who can help make their transition to college happen smoothly.  

Coming up: On October, 19, 2017 the Houston CTE will be having a Financial Aid/Scholarship Workshop for students and parents. Check back here for more details!

Farm Safety Day at Houston CTE

Mr. John Hubbard, representative of Farm Bureau Insurance, came to speak to students about farm safety.  His presentation included electrical safety, 4-wheeler safety, shop safety, and farm equipment safety. His goal is to present the importance of being safe in the classroom, lab, as well as at home. This goes along well with the safety curriculum in each CTE class. Safety is our top concern!

Houston CTE Women in Science and Technology Conference


The Houston Career and Technical Education Center sponsored a Women in Science Conference on February 24, 2017. The conference was for the 9th grade female students to encourage them to explore non-traditional fields for a career. Several speakers presented in their field.  Keri Chisolm, currently a Systems Administrator for the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Mississippi State University; Officer Aliesha Jennings, police woman for Houston Police Department; Dr. Lakeisha Williams, Biomedical Engineer; and Dr. Brittney Moore-Henderson, MSU college of Veterinary Medicine. 

And our closing speaker was Dr. Sandra Harpole, professor of Physics and an award-winning educator. She is a graduate of Mississippi State University and has recently retired as director for the Center for Science, Mathematics, and Technology at Mississippi State University.


ffa members visit capitol


Senator Russell Jolly, (right), and Representative Preston Sullivan, (left), visited with FFA members from Houston at the Capitol on Wednesday, February 22, 2017. Standing left to right are Courtney Ruth, Mackenzie Huffman, Michael Ann Chandler, Amber Ruth and (in front), advisor Shelby Aulds.

Houston Solar Race Team 

Promotes Movie Premier

         Greg MacGillivray, owner of MacGillivray Freeman Films; Houston High School seniors Hunter Moore and Andrew Mitchell; and Chris Selwood, event director for the Australia Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, attend the early screening of "Dream Big: Engineering Our World."

           The Houston Solar Race Team (HSRT) at Houston Career and Technology Education Center (CTE) has made its mark nationally and worldwide. After winning numerous racing titles and being featured on Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s Mississippi Roads, the Houston Solar Race Team now has made it to the big screen.

            MacGillivray Freeman Films’ Dream Big: Engineering Our World opens globally in theatres Feb. 17, 2017. Members of the team are attending movie premiers in four different states to publicize this film that was created in partnership with the American Society of Civil Engineers to promote engineering.

The HSRT has a part in the movie, as solar car races are featured in the film. In fact, the Houston Solar Car will be on display at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. this week for the screening.

Keith Reese, HSRT manager, along with students, Hunter Moore and Andrew Mitchell, and team members B.B. Turman, Donna Turman and Anita Ellison were in New York City for the early screening on Feb. 14. They are traveling to Washington D.C. for the global opening at the Smithsonian IMAX theatre Feb. 17.

Other team members and parents will travel to Chattanooga, Tenn., Birmingham, Ala., and Huntsville, Ala., Friday, Feb. 17, to promote this film. 

CTE Offers Financial Aid

Parents, do you have a student applying to college? If so, the Houston Career and Technology Education Center (CTE) can help you apply for financial aid.  

CTE recently hosted a scholarship/grant workshop. Parents, students and grandparents received information on how to complete the FAFSA in order to receive a Pell Grant (income based) as well as information on how to apply for scholarships (merit based) at the event. 

CTE staff is available to help anyone who was unable to attend the workshop. Call (662) 456-3748 to set up an appointment.

HSD Floats Place in Christmas Parade 

First Place

Houston CTE Float

Third Place

Houston Lower Elementary Float

Houston CTE Hosts College Day 

Houston Career and Technology Education Center (CTE) has a goal to create a college-going culture among its students. As an endeavor to reach this goal, Houston CTE hosts a “College Day” each year to inspire and support students in their pursuit of post-secondary education. Colleges and universities from all over Mississippi were represented at this recent event October 7, at Houston CTE. 

Recruiters talked to juniors and seniors about preparing for college, including housing, financial aid, scholarships, and college majors. Students were excited to learn about the different opportunities that await them after high school.

Houston CTE Students Participate in National FFA Marketing Plan Career Development Event

INDIANAPOLIS – Members of the Houston FFA Chapter were one of 31 teams participating in the National FFA Marketing Plan Career Development Event (CDE). The event was held in conjunction with the 89th National FFA 

Convention & Expo in Indianapolis. Mackenzie Huffman, Anna Rucker, and Courtney Ruth competed with 90 other members from across the country. The team, led by advisor Karen Cook, was awarded a Bronze emblem.

Members of the top four national winning teams received cash awards to recognize their success in the event. The cash awards and the marketing plan event are sponsored by Bunge North America. Bunge North America takes great pride is sponsoring the Marketing Plan CDE. America's youth are the lifeblood of agriculture's future and we want to ensure it is in good hands.

The National FFA Marketing Plan CDE helps students practice and sharpen skills in marketing through the development and presentation of a marketing plan. The plan may focus on the introduction of a new agricultural product, supply or service or on improving marketing of an existing product, supply, or service. Each team competed against teams in their state for the privilege of participating in the national event.

The event, held at the Embassy Suites in Indianapolis, is one of many educational activities at the National FFA Convention & Expo in which FFA members practice the lessons taught in agriculture classes.

The National FFA Organization is a national youth organization of 649,355 student members as part of 7,859 local FFA chapters in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The FFA mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. The National FFA Organization operates under a federal charter granted by the 81st United States Congress and it is an integral part of public instruction in agriculture. The U.S. Department of Education provides leadership and helps set direction for FFA as a service to state and local agricultural education programs. For more, visit the National FFA Organization online at and on Facebook, Twitter and the official National FFA Organization blog.

 The National FFA Foundation builds partnerships with industry, education, government, other foundations and individuals to secure financial resources that recognize FFA member achievements, develop student leaders and support the future of agricultural education. Governed by a 19-member board of trustees comprised of educators, business leaders, individual donors and FFA alumni, the foundation is a separately-registered nonprofit organization. About 82 percent of every dollar received by the foundation supports FFA members and agricultural education opportunities. For more, visit

Pictured (l to r) Mackenzie Huffman, Anna Claire Rucker, Courtney Ruth, and Jason Corman, Bunge-Canada representative

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